Moscow, Russia - Transformers 3 Premiere - 24/06/2011

Mike just uploaded an image to his Instagram, including the setlist the band will play at Moscow for the TF 3 Premiere at the Vasilyevsky Spusk of the Red Square. Linkin Park played the setlist visible in the picture above and also below, the concert featured the LIVE Debut of the Special version of Iridescent for the Transformers movie. It also included a first ever played extension to Numb + Oppenheimer Speech. The Russians planned on a surprise which eventually turned a failure. Papers displaying Wisdom, Justice and Love were displayed during The Radiance! There have been speculations about the show being pro-shot and later released as in the case of the EMA performance in Madrid, earlier strengthened by Mike himself saying so, on a Radio Chat. We're looking forward to any such release, and you?   

SETLIST: (Courtesy Mike)

1. Moscow Intro
2. New Divide
3. Papercut

4. Given Up
5. Faint

6. Empty Spaces
7. When They Come For Me
8. No More Sorrow

9. Jornada del Muerto
10. Waiting For The End
11. Numb (Oppenheimer Outro)
12. Breaking the Habit
13. Numb

14. Crawling
15. One Step Closer

16. Fallout
17. The Catalyst
18. In The End

19. The Radiance
20. Iridescent (Energy Up Version)
21. What I’ve Done
22. Bleed It Out


Linkin Park India Unlimited : Moscow, Russia - Transformers 3 Premiere - 24/06/2011