London, England - iTunes Festival - 04/06/2011

Linkin Park played at the legendary Roundhose in London at the iTunes Music Festival 2011 marking the end of their touring cycle this summer. The entire show was webcast via iTunes and also through the special iTunes Festival App available to the iOS users. The setlist also consisted of an special 'surprise' as stated already by Mike, it was a piano version cover of Adele's Rolling in the Deep. Already covered by Linkin Park at the LPU Summit in Hamburg, which was much appreciated by fans all around the world.


1. The Requiem
2. Papercut
3. Lying from You
4. Given Up
5. What I've Done
6. Empty Spaces
7. When they come for Me
8. No More Sorrow
9. Jornada Del Meurto
10. Waiting for the End
11. Burning in the Skies
12. Numb
13. The Radiance
14. Breaking the Habit
15. Fallout
16. The Catalyst
17. Crawling
18. Faint
19. One Step Closer
20. Rolling in the Deep (Adele's Cover - Piano Version)
21. Wisdom, Justice and Love 
22. Iridescent
23. New Divide
24. In the End
25. Bleed it Out (APFMH Bridge)


Linkin Park covered Adele's Rolling in the Deep.

iTunes Festival 2011 EP:

An EP was made available for purchase at the iTunes UK Store and hence benefited all the English and Irish Fans. Read More Here.

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