Singapore, Singapore - Singapore F1 GP - 25/09/2011

Linkin Park played the post-race concert at the 2011 SingTel Singapore F1 GP. The show saw a brilliant new setlist, and an exuberant fan attendance at the Marina Bay Circuit. The setlist was an absolute shocker because, none of us had expected such a setlist at the show, however, the band let go a surprise setlist and also a very interesting one, with no encore, and with interludes, reportedly, filling in the 'Empty Spaces'.

Chester after the end of the show tweeted:
I want to thank all F1 for inviting us to perform again!!! We have had an amazing time here and I hope we can do this again!!!
There were a lot of photos and videos all over the web about Chester and Mike being around the pit area for most of the race with some camera shots of theirs, flashing during the TV coverage, as well (on Star Sports, in India).

Most importantly, this show brought to an end, what has a been a vibrant and dynamic World Tour. 'A Thousand Suns' World Tour saw Linkin Park touring 6 continents around the globe, including some shows at places like Tel Aviv and Dubai, which Linkin Park had not played at before. With 30 shows in 2011 alone, Linkin Park further strengthened their claim for the number 1 spot as the Best Live Band. 2 prominent Live compilations, A Thousand Suns+(Video) and Puerta De Alcala(Audio), both from the show at Madrid for the EMAs, were released as well. Moving ahead with their social objectives, Linkin Park did 2 projects with MFR, first being the Download to Donate : Japan, for which they set up the instrumental Issho Ni, while the other being the secret show with B'z in Los Angeles, both, to benefit the Japan tsunami victims. What started off with a brilliant North American Tour, has found an equally good end in a great show at Singapore. Special thanks to LPA for their exquisite and ultimate coverage of the North American leg of the tour.

SETLIST(Courtesy: LPT)

01. New Divide
02. From The Inside
03. One Step Closer
04. Lying From You
05. Given Up
06. What I've Done
07. No More Sorrow
08. Waiting For The End
09. Wisdom, Justice And Love
10. Iridescent
11. Numb
12. Breaking The Habit
13. Shadow Of The Day
14. The Catalyst
15. In The End
16. Papercut
17. Faint
18. Bleed It Out (with APFMH bridge + Rob's Drum Solo)

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