Taipei , Taiwan - 19/09/2011

Now Linkin Park is nearly ending their Fall tour . We have seen many surprises on this tour , most notably "No Roads Left" over "Bleed It Out" . This show at Taipei saw both "Blackout" and "Burning In The Skies" . The Songs which have been in and out since LP began "A Thousand Suns World Tour". But on this Asia Tour "Burning in the Skies" has been played in six out of the nine shows while "Blackout" has been played in four of them (all in a row with the last performance being in Taiwan).


01. The Requiem
02. Papercut
03. Lying From You
04. Given Up
05. What I've Done
06. Empty Spaces
07. When They Come For Me

08. No More Sorrow
09. Jornada Del Muerto
10. Waiting For The End
11. Burning In The Skies
12. Numb (Oppenheimer Outro)
13. Breaking The Habit
14. Fallout
15. The Catalyst

16. Crawling
17. Faint
18. One Step Closer


19. Wisdom, Justice & Love
20. Iridescent
21. Blackout
22. New Divide
23. In The End
24. Bleed It Out