Bristow , VA - Honda Civic Tour - 11/08/12

The Honda Civic Tour kicked off Bristow , USA with Linkin Park headlining the tour.
The wait was anticipated hugely for this show after we came to know of practice performance a day earlier where Linkin Park mashed up VICTIMIZED and QWERTY.(video above)
This show was full of surprises and Live Debuts of songs off LIVING THINGS.


-New show intro-

01. With You

02. Faint

03. Given Up

04. VICTIMIZED (w/ QWERTY bridge) + Papercut + Lying From You mashup (No 2nd verse or 2nd chorus on LFY/Papercut)

05. Somewhere I Belong

06. New Divide


08. Empty Spaces

09. When They Come For Me

10. Waiting For The End (w/ Until It Breaks intro)

11. Breaking The Habit

12. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent Medley

13. The Catalyst

14. BURN IT DOWN (w/Pyrotechnics)

15. In The End

16. Numb (Numb/Encore lyrics over ending by Mike)

17. Bleed It Out (1st verse re-started) (w/ Sabotage bridge) (w/Pyrotechnics after Sabotage)


18. (New Intro) LOST IN THE ECHO

19. What I've Done

20. One Step Closer (w/Pyrotechnics)

Few new things! VICTIMIZED (w/ QWERTY bridge) had LFY and Papercut (both with no 2nd verse or 2nd chorus) after it and was listed on the setlist as a mashup.Flames on BID, BIO and OSC!LOST IN THE ECHO had a new intro. Also a new guitar for Mike on it.Mike sang some of the Numb/Encore lyrics at the end of Numb.Bleed It Out had the first verse restarted, Mike let the fans sing and they didn't sing it loud enough so he restarted it.Crawling was on the setlist after What I've Done but was dropped due to the curfew.
Source - LPL